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While you are struggling with addiction, you could be overcoming this disease in the safety and care of our drug rehab center. What you need is a truly focused and structured addiction recovery program that will be not only based on your needs, but implemented with the kind of compassion and empathy that any successful addiction treatment requires. Below you still find the template used at our addiction recovery clinics and how it will be used to customize your treatment and provide the chance you need at true recovery and sobriety.

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You will begin your therapy with a personal counselor who will help you create your personalized addiction treatment plan and help you with expert adivce.


When you first come to our addiction recovery facility after eliminating any trace of denial, you will go through the process of expelling the harmful chemicals that keep you dependent upon your drug of choice by going through withdrawals in our drug detox clinic.


While you go through detox, you will have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and side effects.


That is why we must watch over your progress carefully to ensure that your experience in detox goes as smoothly as it can while being as comfortable, safe, and efficient as possible.

Why us

Part of this will involve provide a variety of different therapeutic strategies. Some of these will likely seem familiar to you.

During group therapy, you’ll meet with a group of your peers at the drug addiction treatment center.

There, you’ll have the chance to share your experience and wisdom with others in the drug rehab facility. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from others, as well as how much you have to teach.

Then once you get done with detox, you will attend one-on-one therapy sessions with a personal counselor who will help you create a customized addiction treatment plan that will be comprehensively altered to meet your needs. It will also include a dual diagnosis mental health screening and any necessary treatment for underlying issues. You will receive professional advice and compassionate support before moving on to garnering even more support in a group setting.

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